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Chinese researchers bring Wuhan’s anti-viral to Rome

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Chinese researchers bring Wuhan’s anti-viral to Rome

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The seventh and final version of the anti-viral used in China against coronavirus, the one that is finally giving results in Wuhan, will be presented on Saturday by the vice president of the Chinese Red Cross, Sun Shuopeng, to the director of the Spallanzani hospital, Giuseppe Ippolito. It is the first act of the mission of the team of doctors and experts of the Beijing Health Commission, in all 9 people (6 men and 3 women), who landed in the capital Thursday evening.

Scientists will stay in Italy for 10 days, they will also go to Padua and Milan and already on Friday evening they began to study the epidemic in our country.

“You have helped us in the past, now it’s up to us to reciprocate, in the name of the great friendship that binds us,” said the ambassador to Rome, Li Junhua, recalling the two Chinese patients treated and cured at Spallanzani and the flight organized on Last February 15 from the Farnesina with 18 tons of emergency medical material in Wuhan.

The Chinese Red Cross arrived in Rome with a load of 31 tons: lung fans, respirators, monitors, tens of thousands of suits and masks, herbal medicines.

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